California State University Channel Islands (2008-Present)

CHS 100: Chicano/as in a Contemporary Society

CHS 200: Diversity in Latino/a Communities

CHS 292: Chicana/o Studies Service Learning and Engagement: Bracero Oral History Project and Smithsonian Exhibition

CHS 320 Gender and Sexuality in Chicana/o Communities

CHS 331: Transborder Perspectives in Chicano/a Studies

CHS 350/HIST 350: Chicano/a History and Culture

CHS 383/PSYCH 383: Chicano/a-Latino/a Identity and Empowerment

CHS 401: Latino/a Workers in a Global Economy

CHS 425/SOC 425: Contemporary Immigration Issues

CHS 491: Theoretical Foundations in Chicano/a Studies

 CHS 499:  Community Service Learning in CHS: Latinos and Baseball

CHS 499:  Community Service Learning in CHS: Wagon Wheel Community Project

CHS 499:  Community Engagement: Bracero Exhibit at Valle Naranjal

CHS 490: Cuba: History, Culture, and Politics

UNIV 392: International Education Experience

 OSHER Lifelong Learning: Immigration & Ethnic Identity



Washington State University (2000-2008)

CES 151: Introduction to Chicano/a Studies

CES 255: Chicano/a History

CES 359: Latino/a Politics

CES 254: Comparative Latino/a Cultures

CES 353: Contemporary Latino/a Literature

CES 358: Latino/as in U.S. Film

CES 101: Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies

CES 201: Foundations of Comparative Ethnic Studies

CES 202: Cultural Politics of Race, Ethnicity & Identity

CES 301: Race and Global Inequalities

CES 303: Research Methods in Ethnic Studies

CES 380: Immigration and Citizenship in a Global Economy

CES 304: American Roots: Immigration, Migration and Ethnic Identity

CES 426: Workers across North America

AMST 502: U.S. Imperialism at Home and Abroad

AMST. 590: Chicano/a Studies: History, Identity, and Culture

WMST 302: Contemporary Masculinities

CES 355: Chicano/as in the Educational System


University of California, Los Angeles (Spring 2003)

CHST 197E: Race, Sport & Recreation in Chicano/a Los Angeles


University of California, Irvine (1994-1999)                                     

CHS 100: Introduction to Chicano/a Studies

CHS 167: Chicano/a Labor History

CHS 173: Comparative Latino Cultures & Communities

SS475: Academic Writing, Reading, and Research